LOL Im LAte but its Throwback Thursday!!! Jay-Z Cant Knock The Hustle!

Yo, I’m makin short term goals, when the weather folds
just put away the leathers and put ice on the gold
Chilly with enough bail money to free a big willie
High stakes, I got more at stake than Philly
Shoppin sprees, copin three
Deuce fever IS’s fully loaded, ah yes
bouncin in the lex luger, tires smoke like buddha
50 G’s to the crap shooter, niggaz can’t fade me
Chrome socks beamin
Through my perephreal I see ya schemin
Stop dreamin, I leave your body steamin
Niggaz is fiendin, what’s the meanin?
I’m leanin on any nigga intervenin
with the sound of my money machine-in {*brrrr*}

Lol classic!! BROOKLYN STAND UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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