A message from Aubrey O’Day

Lol so Aubrey sent a message to all the haters via YouTube looking very homeless.  Shes upset about someone taking a pic while she was performing @ The Peepshow. The photos where obliviously leaked and on websites everywhere. So shes proving a point that she looks good and is fine with here image.(lol Im not gonna lie I thought this was a video of her from her kidnappers.)


2 thoughts on “A message from Aubrey O’Day

  1. As a TRU HATER…. I’m actually not hating…. I give her brownie points for sticking up for herself and coming out Au Natural… but seriously!!! she needs to comb her hair and put some make up on ..cuz she’s not cute and maybe go on a diet….LOL..J/K or am I? lol

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