SHUT DA F#$* up LIL MAMMA!!!!!!!

DOES ANYONE ELSE DOUBT SHES FROM BROOKLYN???????????????? Look homie I dont care where your from stop making a fool of yourself and if you. Theres no excuse for ruining someone’s performance.  I cant take her seriously. I respect the New Boys more than her. Hell even Soulja Boy. YAH TRICK YAH!!!! lol Lil Mama has some sort of talent. Im not gonna deny that I was bumping the remix to Avril Lavigne’s “Girlfriend” with Lil Mama for a hot minute. But she needs to get her F#$%ing sh#t together! lol this is her response to rudely interrupting the best performance @ the VMAs.


3 thoughts on “SHUT DA F#$* up LIL MAMMA!!!!!!!

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