Take a walk with Oddessey….


Tavaris Lundy was born December 31st, 1982 in Jackson, Mississippi. In the 7th grade, Tavaris had a dream that he heard thousands of people chanting “Oddessey” while cheering him on stage. He immediately looked up the word to find its meaning; an epic journey, written long ago. As a result, Oddessey, the artist was born. They say “Success is where preparation and opportunity meet”. Oddessey has without a doubt crafted a remarkable piece of work in “The Preparation”. As far as success goes, the opportunity is his for the taking.

“The Preparation” is a fast-paced mix tape filled with positive messages. Oddessey has an intense, passionate flow that he switches up constantly throughout the mix tape. Consider him the T.I.P. of Gospel hip hop. The hunger in his voice is paralleled only by his apparent love for God. Oddessey masterfully covers popular hip hop tracks such as “One Blood” and “Swagger like Us” on this compilation. Stand out tracks on “The Preparation” include “Lake of Fire” and “For God I Live”. “Lake of Fire” is a energetic track led by a powerful guitar riff and ingenious chorus: “You don’t wanna see the lake of fire boy/ Ay man it’s hot off in Hell and dats no lie boy/ You don’t wanna see the lake of fire boy/ Don’t wanna keep doin’ wrong and be a Hot Boy”. In the verse, Oddessey raps “When I heard about Christ, it made me wanna get it right/ If I slip and I fall, look I’m getting back up/ Cuz I really gotta make it even though the road rough”. “For God I Live” is for the hood. Here, Oddessey explains that instead of dying over a color or a rag he would rather live and die for God. Oddessey touches on topics people don’t want to talk about. He delivers these messages with biblical metaphors over tough southern beats.

Oddessey has a bright future ahead of him. A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step; take a walk with Oddessey…

Download here Prince Oddessey “The Preparation”
Booking/Info Manager: Rita Ousley (901) 438 – 0331


2 thoughts on “Take a walk with Oddessey….

  1. Thanks for the love and support fam, the way you put this together was amazing, I hope by the words and testimony in my song that many including yourself, will come to know him who I was testifying about, Jesus, God bless and thanks again.

  2. Thanks for the love and support, the way you put this together was amazing, it was a pleasure working with you and the whole juice team, my prayer is that you and many others will be touched by my music and come to know the one I was speaking about in my music , Jesus. The main thing I want people to know is that If it were not for him we couldn’t make it, don’t wait and say let me change first cause truthfully without him you cant change, he loves you the way you are and will help you.

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