He Aint “Dunn” Yet!!!

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A native of San Francisco, California, Young Dunn represents for his label Good Felons Muzik. “Who’s Why-D?” is Young Dunn’s first official solo mixtape. It’s a compilation of Hyphy, Soul and Swag drenched tracks; a strong demonstration of ambition and charm. His style, can best described as West Coast Lil’ Wayne with a splash of Rick Ross.

Dunn covers some of this year’s biggest songs including “Best I Ever Had” and “Successful”.  His singing flow and cleverly placed adlibs are entertaining and draw the listener into his intricate puns and wordplay. As far as content goes, “Who’s Why-D?” is filled with the typical money cash hoes but it’s Dunn’s delivery that distinguishes him from the pack. He bodies tracks like “Bang Bang”, “Wet” and Last of a Dying Breed”. “Bang Bang” is a great opening to a mixtape. It’s a warning track for the haters. Here, Dunn drops crazy metaphors complimented by a fast-paced and dramatic beat. Dunn’s flow is impressive. “Wet” is a track you will “go dumb” to. It has that genuine Bay feeling to it and a hook you won’t forget. Dunn has a hit with this one. “Last of a Dying Breed” is a little more introspective for Young Dunn. Dunn raps, full of hope “Here’s a toast to the future…”.  Who’s Why-D? If you wanna know, cop the mixtape!!


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