As if anyone asked his opinion…Birdman had this to say about MTV’s number one emcee on their list ,Jay-Z:

“I don’t think [Jay-Z] is the number one emcee in no kind of way,” he told Tropical TV. “Wayne‘s the best. He do the most and he make the most money. I don’t think no nigga in the business make more money than us. How can you be the best if you don’t  make the most money? And you don’t do the most? Lyrically, come on man, be for real, can’t nobody fuck with Wayne…if you number one and you ain’t getting no money it don’t mean nothing.”

Umm yea when your done kissing Lil Wayne’s ass how about you try and work on your career since you trying to ride on Lil Wayne and Drakes success!!DNT GET ME STARTED ON HOW JAY-Z IS WAYYYYYYYYY MORE LYRICAL THAN LIL WAYNE!!! But its not Waynes fault that Birdman is gay and riding him!


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