THis kind of Art NEVER LOOKED SO GOOD……….THank Stizzi

I really love Stizzi’s art. You cant deny the talent. He has great use of colors and designs. Not only does he leave his art on beautiful women, also does graffiti.  Either way I love his work and feel that he deserves this recognition!! So here’s a lil something from Stizzi lol enjoy:

“stizzi they call me aka the cheif imp one/
its serious, imperial’s not jus a pun son/
gunner, gotta go get it until i have none/
da death of me never, i bleed revolution/
and shorties have fun, i paint’em jus for kicks son/
have every stuck up bitch break lose like chicks uhn/
ha ha everyday sick wit it i catch a lick/
u never kno wen u gonna go, go grab it/
so flow like damnit !
never cocky jus a fan of it
some niggas jus cant grasp stand of it/
paint a betta picture no bland in it/
fine arts to da graff i damage shit/
ohhh ya cant manage it, i promise/
have u a modern day vague nostradamus/
did i mention i does spoken word/
nah i dont, never have to speak not one verb…..
Wats good this is an exclusive for my homegirl Jae Cy.

Imp One APN MOR CSF Vandal Kings. Stizzi of Voided Techniques.Basicly im a Graphic Designer and a Graffiti Artist.
Recently for the last 3 to 4 months i have been painting women, painting offices, doing it up interior & exterior.
We just did an event in Queens applying graffiti on the females with my partners Tig Quest & Emik.

Peep game…

Thanks JaeCy, see ya soon muahz… viewers, be.easii.STAY.UP!


2 thoughts on “THis kind of Art NEVER LOOKED SO GOOD……….THank Stizzi

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