JaeCy’s Quick Music Review with Shee “Vaginal Erections”

I must say her interesting lyrics kept me to listen to her whole album. What didn’t work for me was the production. Sometimes it sounds as if it was recorded on her computer mic. Shee shows potential with her lyrics and flow. Although I felt that “Vaginal Erections” lacked variety, two songs stood out to me “We in Flatbush” and “Reflection of Society”. “We in Flatbush” was easy to relate to because I’m from Brooklyn and it had that anthem feel to it.She comes through with that BK swag and flows right. “Reflection of Society” was cool to me cuz I finally heard something different from the rest of the album. Shee talks about real things that are happening in society and its not just another cocky track. One might say Shee gets a lil deep in this song. I like that. I look forward to hearing more from her.

Check her music out @ Shee Music


One thought on “JaeCy’s Quick Music Review with Shee “Vaginal Erections”

  1. Good review. I haven’t heard of her before but you made me interested in her music. I think you had some good suggestions in there. We really need a female artist to take this game to the next level. Good job Jae Cy!! Good luck Shee!!

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