JaeCy’s Quick Music Review with Jovanos “Astro Music vol. 1”

Jovanos Hopscotching his way to the Top

I had the pleasure of reviewing Jovanos latest mixtape “Astro Music” and I highly recomend it. Jovanos has amazing energy that keeps you enticed throughout the project. I found his lyrics to be fun, fresh, and creative. Jovanos can get cocky but its funny and entertaining. “Hopscotchin” really impressed me. This can be a huge hit, like the new “Jerk”. The beat and the lyrics compliment each other well. I’m also a fan of “Uk Shhh”. I always like a good rep ya hood song!! Jovanos made me feel like i knew what he was talking about in UK. The only song that I wasn’t feeling was “Crazy”. I thought the sample was horrible. Also not a fan of that Brittney Spears era. Other than that, Astomusic was a pleasure to experience. Shout outs to
Brooklyn Collectiv’s DJ H.Blendz who did an amazing job hosting.

Listen here Jovanos Presents – Astro Music Volume 1 (Hosted By DJ H. Blendz)


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