Freeway Ricky Ross Filing Injunction To Stop Release Of Officer Ross’ New Album. Wants Half Of Everything Rapper Has Ever Earned

Things are starting to heat up in the war between the real Freeway Ricky Ross and the man who assumed his name while he was in prison, Officer Ross.

Allhiphop is reporting that Freeway Ricky is filing an injunction to block the release of the ex C.O.’s new album ‘Teflon Don’.

“If William Roberts attempts to use the ‘Rick Ross’ name that he spent years earning and spending time in prison to uphold, he will be met with an injunction,” a rep for Freeway Ricky told AllHipHop. “Simple as that. This is not a publicity stunt, a game or a hoax, to sell some Rick Ross albums, as some have suggested. In fact, [Freeway] Ricky Ross intends to halt the release of any Summer 2010 ‘Rick Ross’ album.”

Freeway Ricky is reportedly seeking half of everything Officer Ross has ever earned.

In addition, Slip-N-Slide, Jay-Z, Antonio “L.A.” Reid and Island Def Jam are also being named in the suit unless an agreement can be reached.

“Jay-Z had no reason to disrespect Rick Ross and violate his name, because Jay-Z was a hustler, just like Rick Ross and [he] should’ve respected what ‘the boss’ did in the ‘game.’ L.A. Reid knew he should’ve cleared the name before letting Roberts’ art imitate [Freeway] Rick Ross’ life and exploiting his name.”

Freeway Ricky was the head on a multi million dollar cocaine empire in the 80’s before getting popped by the Feds.

He was originally sentenced to life in prison in 1996 , but caught a break when the original sentence was thrown out. After being a model prisoner he was released in 2009.

Freeway Ricky Ross claims that Officer Ross applied trade to register and trademark the name Rick Ross, but was refused by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.


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