Adventures with Micheal Jackson

So me and my home skillet got lost one day leaving King of Prussia. Everything was cool until You Rock My World came on. She was Chris Tucker and I was Michael. We were all in character dancing and singing all crazy! Then the song was over and we are like where the hell are we? Then we ask these dumb ass charaters how 2 get back and they screw us up. Then we go to a gasoline station and this disgusting chubba wubba was undressing me with his nasty eyes. So we took his directions and they were wrong. Yea I know it seems like we can’t follow direction but I swear these ppl sucked!So this other guy in traffic tells us yea I know where Reading is follow me so we did. Then this Bastard pulls into Exton shopping mall and we are like WTF!!! So we finally decided to get an address and mapquest it! Finally after 3 hours our adventure was over! Ps We annoyied the hell outta the Burger King Ppl!! But that’s a different story! Till next time STAY FLY LIKE JAE~CY!!!


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