Carmello and Lala get Married!!!

The Knicks’ two-year plan to land the NBA’s most-coveted free agent was dashed Thursday when James announced that he had chosen to play for the rival Heat.

The long-awaited announcement triggered howls of disgust stretching from the streets of Broadway to Cleveland, where James played for seven years.

It also prompted Madison Square Garden shares to sink.

Saturday, Knick superfan Spike Lee told reporters camped outside Anthony’s wedding to girlfriend LaLa Valasquez he was looking beyond the loss of LeBron.

We want Carmelo to come to New York,” Lee said.

A galaxy of stars lit up the red carpet leading to the midtown hotspot.

Reality star Kim Kardashian sashayed past a bank of photographers in a hip-hugging beige dress.

Tennis great Serena Williams and rapper Ludacris also were there.

When ex-New Jersey Net Kenyon Martin’s rapper girlfriend walked in, she took the opportunity to gloat about James’ decision to come to her hometown.

“It’s great,” Trina said. “We’re gonna win a championship.”

Other stars focused on the wedding.

I’m excited for my friend,” said singer Kelly Rowland. “It’s Melo’s big day. I’m so happy for him.

Inside, more than 300 friends and loved ones watched as Anthony, 26, and Valasquez, 30, exchanged vows.

That’s my family,” said rapper Ciara. “I’m so happy.”


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