The Good News Is The Oil Has Stopped Gushing Underwater… The Bad News Is It’s Not Permanent,

On Day 87, a stark and welcome image is the center of attention. For the first time, a huge underwater gusher isn’t visible. A critical test of BP’s ruptured well is underway, and all along the gulf people are holding their breath—hoping that the well holds.

Valves on the new containment cap are now closed. Pressure in the well will be reviewed every six hours, likely through Saturday afternoon.

BP officials are cautioning against any early celebrating. They stress that the new containment cap isn’t a permanent solution. But if the well holds, it will be a major step. We’ll show you exactly what is being done a mile beneath the water’s surface and what could happen if the well doesn’t hold up under pressure.

Even if not another drop of oil spills into the gulf, there’s still work to be done in containment and clean up. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal says the sand berms he’s fought so hard to build are working and the federal government should stand behind local efforts to build them. But a lot of marine experts are pointing to photographs that show the berms washing away. They say the berms aren’t going to hold and even if they don’t wash away–they might do more harm than good


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