A sneak peek of a new plus size designer for S/S 2011

Plus-size model Allie McG

I like the detail very flattering.


The latest designer poised to launch their collection is Mr. Wilbur of SK Wilbur. Already receiving ohhs and ahhs over the fit and quality when his outfits are worn to plus size functions,  this line offers a new take a city chic.

Inspired by exotic global locations like Bali, Morocco, Rio de Janeiro, and the Carribean, this first collection is about an American woman’s jaunt around the world and how she collects different artifacts in each port of call that help to individualize her look.  “I call it Multi-Culti Fabulous,” points out the designer.  Named The Super Woman, this collection is meant to evoke a sense of empowerment and confidence in curvy, fashion-savvy women who feel that their style needs have been largely ignored by mainstream designers.

With only sketches in hand, the collection is set to officially launch during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week at an event at Alexandre Gerstman Contemporary Art Gallery in NYC on Tuesday, September 14.


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