Little Ass Jermaine Dupri Threatens Blogger!! LMAO

WOWZERS!!!! Awww man JD said he gonna send his goons to beat her up….SMH

Popular blogger Sandra Rose claims that Jermaine Dupri called her after she posted a story entitled “How the Mighty Have Fallen: Jermaine Dupri Rebounds.” In her blog, she took shots at JD’s career, his failed relationship with Janet and trouble at the So So Def label. She referred to him as the “pint-sized” rapper and referenced his “lack of raw talent” and called his new artist Dondria “immature”, comparing her to Whitney Houston but “without the pipes.”

Well, when JD read her comments, he called her up with some choice words. Sandra described her encounter with Angry Smurf.

An enraged Jermaine Dupri launched into a profanity-filled tirade during a late-night phone call last night that left the hair standing up on the back of my neck.“I got people ready to kill you right now!,” he screamed. “I’m letting you know it’s serious in the streets right now,” said JD in a 3-way call from France where he had just finished partying.

While not denying that anything I wrote was false, he angrily vented about me “always” going in on him and his artists, including Dondria and Bow Wow.

He basically let me know that his goons were coming for me — with his blessing.

He said repeatedly, “I run Atlanta! I got ni**as calling me saying they don’t know what you look like, but all I gotta do is point you out and they will FU*K YOU UP!!!!”

I was extremely offended by all his yelling and cursing and I reminded JD that I was a grown a*s woman. “I’m grown too!,” he responded. “I got ni**as that will fu*k you up on sight!”

He wasn’t at all subtle with any of his threats — even though he insisted he wasn’t threatening me. “I know you’re recording this,” he yelled, “and I’m recording it too!” He made death threats unapologetically: “You already dead!,” he screamed.


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