Jassabella is a very beautiful plus size model who has entered the Torrid Model Search and needs our votes!!  Please Vote as many times and tell your friends!! VOTE HERE!!!! #13 Jasmine

Jassabella is a 26 yr old, aspiring plus size model. She likes to break away from the everyday catalog look and explore the creative artistic side of modeling.

Jassabella wants to be a positive role model to women young/old, big/small and make them feel confident and sexy no matter what they look like.

She struggled with her weight her entire life and she can relate to girls having those weight problems, bullying, not feeling perfect, etc. She has recently lost over 120lbs – and is ready to show the world Big and Small is and can be beautiful.

“Being a plus model it is hard to get into the industry, but I am enjoying my experience a long the way and the wonderful people I have worked with. I do it my own way with hopes of helping others. I love to be an inspiration for all types of women, even if I don’t make it big in the spotlight, I know I’ve reached some in their hearts to give them hope, make them feel confident, and to remember to always reach for their dreams.”

In 2008 her and a close friend who does photography (aliphotos101@yahoo.com) decided they wanted to have fun and change the way that modeling was done. They formed the petite to plus size modeling group called the Twilight Temptressez, based out of Philadelphia, Pa. She models with girls from all walks of life and sizes with the empowerment to showcase where true beauty can lie. They are a growing group in the Metro area with more to come around each corner for them.

In October of 2009 she became one of the DEB Shops INC. new Deb girl models as a 1st place runner up winner in the Deb Girl Model search contest.

She appeared in the Seventeen Magazine prom issue of DEC 2009 with a full page AD for debshops.com. She also is appearing in 350 deb store locations across the country and on http://www.debshops.com website.

DebGirlModel Search behind the scenes video!


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