Plus Size is the Right Size…New Plus Size Lines by Well Known Designers

Gabrielle Union and Marc Jacobs creating new plus size lines. Interesting.

Actress Gabrielle Union is planning to launch a new clothing line for women of all shapes and sizes. “Love and Blessings by Gabrielle” will be suited to all women, not just stick figure runway models. As a matter of fact, it was Union’s not-a-stick-figure sister who inspired the line.

Gabrielle spoke with AOL’s Black Voices at the Mont Blanc penlunch in New York City. While discussing her new line, she told them, “My sister is very plus-size and curvy. As with many black women, we have a harder time finding clothes to complement our curves, so I want to make clothes for women at any and all sizes that look absolutely great on them.”

There’s no doubt that such a clothing line would be in high demand. Add Gabrielle Union’s name to the mix, and there’s a lot of potential for commercial success—especially since she plans to keep the line affordable.

No date has been set for the launch of “Love and Blessings by Gabrielle.” However, Union did reveal where she’d like to retail the clothing. Union would like to launch her new line on one of the major home shopping television networks, like HSN or QVC.

It sounds like Gabrielle Union is committed to making her line accessible, beautiful, and affordable. Here’s hoping she can be successful at all three.


Marc Jacobs

Finally someone has waken up in the fashion world and realized not everyone is a size 0.  Women of all sizes like fashion 🙂 Marc Jacobs just may be the first high fashion designer to throw his hat into the plus-size market.  Marc Jacobs has been  in talks to do a line over size 14 and is doing research to see if there is a demand.  If?  There really is no question about it clearly there is a need.  They just have to make sure the clothes fits properly.

Marc Jacob’s business partner Robert Duffy said there is not official news yet but the line would not be available for at least another year.   Currently most designer clothes do not go beyond a size 14.

It is about time that the fashion world woke up just because a person is bigger does not mean they don’t care about the way they look.  Plus size women are treated like outcasts and have to go to special shops to purchase clothes.  In the past year the fashion & television world has started to show a new interest in fuller-figured women.  We can only hope they wake up and realize not everyone is a size 0 they put intense pressure on young girls to conform to an unrealistic stereotype.

Models like Emme, Crystal Renn & “Mad Men” star Christina Hendricks are role models  for young girls and women.  They are a nice difference to the usual difference of images of extremely thin models and celebrities.



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