Lyricist, Artist, Poets Take Notes ..Sagittarius Black The Ides of December ..Lyrics Breakdown


In an industry that is now based on dumb down lyrics and idiocracy its refreshing to hear witty lyrics and fierce wordplay as executed by Sagittarius Black. For his recent Mixtape there are 5 of the most membrable quotes and their breakdown. Also download the Mixtape if you haven’t already at the link below.

Song: December 4th Remix

Line: “… Now I know why the caged bird sings, I’m on the verge of a breakthrough, breaking through ceilings, F$&@ feelings, everybody got em, steady running from Gommorah, often you find Sodom…”

Sag uses a Maya Angelou poem and biblical references to open the Ides of December EP. He tells us he finally feels free after escaping a bad situation he ended up in one that was worse.

Song: Put Ya Hands Up
Line: “Been fallin off Hip Hop, had to see the reverend, forget Wall Street, Heavy’s occupying heaven…”

Bam this track has another religious reference. Is Sag tryna take us to church? We don’t think so but it sets up the “Heavy occupying Heaven” line cleverly.

Song: Celebration

Line: “… Poll’s in, girls on poles and they posing, taking off they clothes and hop in jacuzzis… It’s 2010 Juicy!!”

Song: Most Heart

Line: “… They said the burden was minimal, my subliminals, too creative, indie native like a Seminole…”

Although it was a solid piece of work, Sags first project Burden of Proof wasn’t received as well as he would’ve liked. He reminds us he’s an independent artist and he’s not ashamed of it.

Song: Face in the Crowd

Line: “… Don’t give up, you have so much to give, more than a writer you’re a fighter with a gift, y’all don’t know I just wanna make you proud, til then I’m just another face in the crowd…”

This is the EP’s dramatic finish. Not clever in the least but Sag’s emotion is undeniable. He’s a fighter who’s never throwing in the towel.


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