Throwback Thursday Sagittarius Black Live Performance @ Nuyorican

Such an amazing talent. This is my favorite live performance of Sagittarius Black. It witty,hard, and captivating. Cant wait to see Sag Black perform later this year,stay tuned. Advertisements

Yes!!! New Music From Sagittarius Black ft Nicki Minaj “Ask My Sign” Hottttt!!


Love it!_! Genius lyrics. Too bad he got the Gemini part wrong we do more than stay fly. We are people magnates. Ppl love to be around us. Fellaz wanna be with us n ladies wanna be us. We are extremely creative n sexual beings lol. So Sag Ask My Sign next time . Look out for my remix coming soon.
Listen here

Brand Yourself! @Sagblack Lyrical Wizard and Phenomenal Engineer in the Works A must watch!!!

Sagittarius Black, not only a lyrical wizard but also a mixing n mastering genius in the works. This man has tremendous talent. Working on future Bk Collectiv hit “Karma”.

Remember Remember the Ides of December, Sagittarius Black’s Latest Masterpiece



Friends, Brooklyn, Country Men… LISTEN “Remember, remember the Ides of December…”. The Ides of December is set to keep Sagittarius Black’s name on the tips of our tongues for years to come. As usual, Sag doesn’t disappoint. No need to skip any track, The Ides plays straight through. Black’s Ides of December is full of storytelling and lyricism that allow you to envision what he is saying and feeling. Sagittarius Black said it right “…HBlendz beats will seduce you”. The music finds a way to grab you and put you in a trance. Sag shows growth by allowing emotion to pierce through his wordplay and performance. The Ides of December starts off right with his “December 4th” remix. When I first heard it, I thought to myself “that was beautiful”. His conversational tone makes you feel close. The uptempo songs such as “Celebration, “The Bounce” & “Put Your Hands Up” are fun and full of witty lyrics. Sag doesn’t dumb it down for anyone. “Most Heart” is another beautiful track full of passion and hunger. It sets the stage for the EPs dramatic close. “Thuggish Ruggish” is a hard track, one of my personal favorites because once again Sagittarius Black shows versatility. He completely switches up his flow and murders that beat. Finally, he ends the Ides of December mixtape with “Face in the Crowd”. As I heard this song I was creating a music video in my head. Special shout out to singer P. Jewel who blessed “Most Heart” and “Face in the Crowd” with her soulful voice. I must say this is the best project I’ve heard from Sagittarius Black thus far.

Download Here Sagittarius Black The Ides Of December