#JusticeforTrayvon Sagittarius Black – Trayvon’s Song (Murder to Excellence RMX)

Sagittarius Black released this song about 1 year ago. I listen to this song and everything that happened with the trial and all I can think about is my son being raised in this cold hearted racist world. Spread the … Continue reading

Throwback Thursday Sagittarius Black Live Performance @ Nuyorican

Such an amazing talent. This is my favorite live performance of Sagittarius Black. It witty,hard, and captivating. Cant wait to see Sag Black perform later this year,stay tuned.

Must Listen!!!! Sagittarius Black “December 4th” Fiya!!!


Omg Sagittarius Black must have the Midus Touch. This new song off his highly anticipated mixtape is golden. You can hear the growth in his lyrics as well as his near perfect delivery. Sagittarius Black is an amazing artist. This song made me smile. His witty words and emotion make this song a song you want to play more that 3 times. (I did) lol

Listen to it Here




Jay-Z is the king of subliminal disses. Most of the time, rappers and fans have to dissect his lyrics trying to figure out who Hov is going at. But he obviously wasn’t too worried about MC Hammer replying back to his diss on Kanye West’s “So Appalled” record, because he mentioned him by name.

I lost 30 mill, so I spent another 30 / ’cause unlike Hammer, 30 mill can’t hurt me.” Jigga spit on the track.

Well, Hammer was listening and he’s heated. Replying to Jay, both on Twitter and on film by releasing a video showing him hitting a punching bag

Warming up… all substance.. no hype… What’s the rhyme that can make you tough??? Yeah.. Ok… thats what I thought.. Slap the taste out them #HellBoys mouths… #IamHammer,” is written in the video description.

“Hellboy” is the nickname Hammer has given Jay-Z, possibly referring to rumors that Hov is a satanist.
This is Mc Hammer’s response

Jay-Z Confirms Signing Willow Smith (Will Smith’s Daughter)

necolebitchie.com/ryan seacrest radio show

Ryan Seacrest sat down with Jada & Will’s daughter Willow Smith this morning to talk about her budding music career and her new record that hit the internet earlier this week. During the interview, Willow Smith revealed that her new-found fame was overwhelming and she also explained the meaning behind her new single “Whip My Hair“.

It’s very very amazing, and it’s very overwhelming ‘cause all of the red carpet and the flashes, all the people wanting to meet you, it’s very overwhelming for a nine year old.

[The song] means just being an individual. You can’t be afraid to be yourself and you can’t let anyone tell you that that’s wrong. My mom and I are very strong individuals and I just know that because lots of people don’t act like themselves so they’re not happy.

Jay-z also called in to the show and confirmed that he had signed her to Roc Nation. Here’s what he had to say:

I heard the record first before I even knew that it was recorded by a 9 year old. I was like“Man, that record is a smash”. And then Jay Brown told me that she was nine and I was like “Whoa!”. Then they told me that it was Will and Jada’s daughter and I was like “Whoa Whoa”! Then I was in Japan doing some things and they were all in Japan so I met Willow and she walked in and the first thing she says was “I’m really nervous”. I thought that maturity, explaining exactly how she was feeling when she walked in the room, I knew right then that she is a star. I believe in Superstars. I believe in big records and big superstars and I believe that she has both!

On Willow’s attitude
She’s a child, she has child’s innocence but she has a clear vision of what she wants and who she wants to be. I can only imagine that’s how Mike (Michael Jackson) was as a young kid, he knew exactly what he wanted.

On her being too young
I believe that you have to start somewhere. When you have that sort of talent and you have that sort of vision then there is no such thing as too young. Again, I heard the record without knowing who it was, it’s a hit record! If you listen to anyone, if you listen to any comments, everyone says that they can’t believe, as adults, that they like a record that is made by a 9 year old. But we all dance to Michael Jackson records from when he was 8 years old. Stevie Wonder started at 8. It’s just what it is, it’s who she is.

Jay-Z’s advice to Willow:
Just enjoy. Just enjoy the process and have fun doing it. Stick true to the values that she has coming in the door. I’m gonna try to help her not let the music business change any of those ideas and stick true to who she is as a person. And enjoy it and have fun!