Guess who’s on Curvz Magazine….


Yup its me. I’m their model of the week. What an honor.  So proud of myself. Check out the interview below. Leave comments.

JaeCy’s Fashion Night Out




It was amazing. I went to Lane Bryant in Brooklyn. There I met the fabulous Jay Manuel. Let me just say he’s such a sweet heart and I’m an even bigger fan. He said I was “working it”. ♥ him. I also met Full Figured Fashion Week founder Gwen Devoe. My goodness. This lady is so awesome. We chatted and she gave some encouraging advice. I also met Sharon Quinn. All I can say is I love her. She’s amazing. Gave me incredible advice and I hope to build a friendship :). I also chatted with editor-in-chief Madeline Figueroa Jones. Lovely lady. Can’t wait to see her interview with Jay Manuel. Great time, next year I’m doing it bigger n better.

Must Listen!!!! Sagittarius Black “December 4th” Fiya!!!


Omg Sagittarius Black must have the Midus Touch. This new song off his highly anticipated mixtape is golden. You can hear the growth in his lyrics as well as his near perfect delivery. Sagittarius Black is an amazing artist. This song made me smile. His witty words and emotion make this song a song you want to play more that 3 times. (I did) lol

Listen to it Here

Sade “Soldier Of Love” Video!!! Must see!!!!!!!!!!

This song is soooooooo hot! I really liked the video. It was powerful and pleasing. For 50, Sade looks fabulous. The step team was awesome!! Lol just check it out. Plus be sure to check out “Soldier of Love” remix ft Sagittarius Black and Yung Image.

New Dirty Money Music! LOVE COME DOWN


So at first I was like Diddy, come on bro seriously? You part of Dirty Money? eh well I love this song so maybe its possible he might have something. The beat is real tuff and a head banger. I love it. Then the ladies lay down their vocals very beautifully. As far as
Diddy… eh Im still on the fence with him, but i give him some credit. The lyrics to the song are real upfront but not obvious. I hope it works for Dirty Money, I dnt want them to end up “Damaged”.

What do ya think? Will Dirty Money make hits or is this their “One Shot”?

Listen Here: Dirty Money “Love Come Down”