#JusticeforTrayvon Sagittarius Black – Trayvon’s Song (Murder to Excellence RMX)

Sagittarius Black released this song about 1 year ago. I listen to this song and everything that happened with the trial and all I can think about is my son being raised in this cold hearted racist world. Spread the … Continue reading

Throwback Thursday Sagittarius Black Live Performance @ Nuyorican

Such an amazing talent. This is my favorite live performance of Sagittarius Black. It witty,hard, and captivating. Cant wait to see Sag Black perform later this year,stay tuned.

ThrowBack Thursday Sagittarius Black “Livin Life on the Edge” ft Yung Image

“Im just livin livin life on the edge , N*ggas tryin to stop my bread” WORD! Throwback Thursday Sagittarius Black ft Yung Image on Livin Life on the Edge. This is for all those who wont let anything get in the … Continue reading

Sagittarius Black- Stylin #throwback Thursday


I love the lyrics on this song! I stay stylin. Sagittarius Black is my favorite rapper. He got witty lyrics and such a demanding presence through his music. I love the fact that his music is positive and the movement he’s pushing is Hip Hope. Its a beautiful thing. I know no other artist whose endured so much and continues to press forward. Truly an inspiration, you will rise in whatever you do. New project coming out soon. This was from his 1st album The Burden of Proof. #Brooklyn

You Love me …you really love me ;)


I’m soRey guys thanks for continuing to check out the page. All my gossip and fashion posts will now be on http://www.Brooklycollectiv.com. On this page I will only post about myself, my career, & my life. Go to http://www.brooklyncollectiv.com for all my crazy thoughts on the industry and more. Thank you all once again for all the support.

Yes!!! New Music From Sagittarius Black ft Nicki Minaj “Ask My Sign” Hottttt!!


Love it!_! Genius lyrics. Too bad he got the Gemini part wrong we do more than stay fly. We are people magnates. Ppl love to be around us. Fellaz wanna be with us n ladies wanna be us. We are extremely creative n sexual beings lol. So Sag Ask My Sign next time . Look out for my remix coming soon.
Listen here http://m.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fsoundcloud.com%2Fsagblack%2Fsagittarius-black-ask-my-sign&h=cAQE2pSoh

Throwback Thursday Sagittarius Black “Do for Love”


Sagittarius Black gives us his storytelling skills in this heartfelt song about different situations & what you would do for love. Since then Sagittarius Blacks storytelling has improved and can be compared to Slick Rick or Biggie. I love this song. It’s also a Remix to Tupac’ s Do for Love.

Listen here http://hblendz.com/audio/collectiv/DoForLoveSagBlack.mp3