50 Cent Returns To Old Queens ‘Hood To Promote Exercise, Healthy Eating

*I love this 50…a lil positivity can go a long way.


Rapper 50 Cent has a message for kids: Get off your butts.

The platinum-selling superstar hosted a day of games and healthy snacks at a Queens park Saturday to encourage kids from his old ‘hood to put down the video games and get some exercise.

“I just want [kids] to be active, move around and be physical,” the 34-year-old Queens native told the Daily News. “Don’t sit in front of a computer all day.”

The Grammy winner whose real name is Curtis Jackson took his message to heart by taking off in a golf cart around Baisley Pond Park in Jamaica with his pint-size fans in hot pursuit, struggling to catch a glimpse of the hip-hop superstar.

“It’s exciting for me to be able to be back in the community in a different way – in a positive way,” said the drug dealer-turned-father, who was riddled with nine bullets in a 2000 shooting.

“It means something to me to be a positive influence on the kids.”

Forever Young Day was organized by the rap icon’s nonprofit youth group, the G-Unity Foundation.

Fellow Queens rapper Lloyd Banks also made an appearance.

“Hopefully, this day can inspire kids to want to be something,” said Banks, 28, whose given name is Christopher Lloyde.

“I couldn’t honestly say where I would have been without music.”

Kids participated in relay races, Double Dutch or took turns jumping in the blowup castle – which sported a giant image of the rapper.

Other fans cooled off with paper fans emblazoned with 50 Cent’s mug before grabbing free turkey or veggie burgers or helpings of whole-wheat pasta salad.

Sean Chung, 14, of Jamaica, came in hopes of having the “In Da Club” singer sign his shoes – or his cell phone.

“He inspires me to do better in school and keep my head up,” Chung said. “If he made it outta here, I can too.”

Curves Not Allowed @ CitiBank!!

Debrahlee Lorenzana, a curvy Queens brunette, said she was dressing professionally, but her male bosses and co-workers still found her too sexy and fired her. Thats just dumb.


“Everything I wore was professional, things everybody wears in corporate America,” Lorenzana, 33, told The Post yesterday. “The way they looked at what I wore was very disappointing.” “Shortly after the commencement of her employment, branch manager Craig Fisher and assistant branch manager Peter Claibourne began articulating inappropriate and sexist comments concerning plaintiff’s clothing and appearance,” her Manhattan court filing says.

She was told “she must refrain from wearing certain items of clothing, in particular, turtleneck tops, pencil skirts, fitted business suits, or other properly tailored clothing,” the suit says.

“In blatantly discriminatory fashion, plaintiff was advised that as a result of the shape of her figure, such clothes were purportedly ‘too distracting’ for her male colleagues and supervisors to bear.” The sexy single mom pointed out to her bosses “that other female colleagues wore similar professional attire,” and that some dressed far more provocatively, the filing says. But her supervisors shot back that those women didn’t have to worry about turning them on “as their general unattractiveness rendered moot their sartorial choices, unlike plaintiff,” the papers say.

Lorenzana was also told that “as a result of her tall stature, coupled with her curvaceous figure, she should not wear classic high-heeled business shoes, as this purportedly drew attention to her body in a manner that was upsetting to her easily distracted male managers.” “She was punished because her male bosses couldn’t handle their libidos,” Lorenzana’s lawyer, Jack Tuckner, said.


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