#JusticeforTrayvon Sagittarius Black – Trayvon’s Song (Murder to Excellence RMX)

Sagittarius Black released this song about 1 year ago. I listen to this song and everything that happened with the trial and all I can think about is my son being raised in this cold hearted racist world. Spread the … Continue reading

Sagittarius Black “Trayvon’s Song” Murder to Excellence remix .. Must listen


A year has passed on the tragedy of our young brother. Never forget what happened. RIP Trayvon Martin Sagittarius Black created this song for you. This song had me in tears when I first heard it. Enjoy n pass it on.

Sagittarius Black “Trayvons Song”

Throwback Thursday Sagittarius Black “Do for Love”


Sagittarius Black gives us his storytelling skills in this heartfelt song about different situations & what you would do for love. Since then Sagittarius Blacks storytelling has improved and can be compared to Slick Rick or Biggie. I love this song. It’s also a Remix to Tupac’ s Do for Love.

Listen here http://hblendz.com/audio/collectiv/DoForLoveSagBlack.mp3