Sagittarius Black- Stylin #throwback Thursday


I love the lyrics on this song! I stay stylin. Sagittarius Black is my favorite rapper. He got witty lyrics and such a demanding presence through his music. I love the fact that his music is positive and the movement he’s pushing is Hip Hope. Its a beautiful thing. I know no other artist whose endured so much and continues to press forward. Truly an inspiration, you will rise in whatever you do. New project coming out soon. This was from his 1st album The Burden of Proof. #Brooklyn


Throwback Thursday Sagittarius Black “Do for Love”


Sagittarius Black gives us his storytelling skills in this heartfelt song about different situations & what you would do for love. Since then Sagittarius Blacks storytelling has improved and can be compared to Slick Rick or Biggie. I love this song. It’s also a Remix to Tupac’ s Do for Love.

Listen here

Throwback Thursday!!! Goapele “Closer to my Dreams” ft Sagittarius Black


I fell in love with this version. Sagittarius Black is someone many ppl can relate to. I also loved the smoothness of his voice and delivery. His lyrics are clever and give inspiration. This remix is way better than Drakes version FYI.

Pleasure, Pain, and Passion Tour I was there!!!

This past Thursday Sept 16 I was invited to go see the Trey Songz concert. While I am a fan of Trey I was more excited to see Monica. Monica did an amazing job and sounded fantastic. And then I almost had a heart attack when Fabolous came out!! I love Fab. Over all good time except for the dumb chick in front of me who never sat down and thought she was made out of glass. Also I think Trey Songz can step his performance game up and not be so predictable.

Throwback THURSDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Mob Deep

LMFAO!!!!! Back in my gangsta years(never happened) this was my song!! Even now I hear it and im ready for war!! If im bumpin this in my car passin your hood… know what it is. Im talking about Mob Deeps “Quiet Storm ” of course (the remix) I loved Lil Kim then.

Throwback Thursday!! Notorious BIG !! Throwback Thursday!! Aaliyah

As a Brooklyn Native ya already know I had to play some Biggie. I mean come on that’s Brooklyn’s pride right there. I picked Juicy because its very inspirational to me. I love the lyrics and you cant deny that when u hear the beginning beat u get hyped.

I loved Aaliyah’s music ever since she came out. My favorite song of her’s is Are You That Somebody. I love this song cuz the production really pulls me in. Of course i love the lyrics and the video was awesome! I remember 1st seeing this and learning all the dance steps!